It’s Your Time…

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My desire in writing this blog is to say you can and you must go forward now. Whatever lies beneath the surface, deep within your soul, no matter how impossible it looks or feels, it is the Voice you must follow now. For its calling you into the very purpose you were created to live.

For it is the beginning of the dream God placed in you before you were born.

No longer can you allow yourself to be held back by past failures, the pain of rejection or the gnawing fear of the unknown. This is your time, this is your season and this is your moment to take that step.

For that Voice who is God Himself is calling you to do what you could not do until now. Though you may come face to face with fear itself, you must walk on into your future. The moment you say yes, the grace to succeed will envelope you.

When you fall you will always get back up. If you fail it’s never the end because there will always be tomorrow.

But if you never try, you will never know what could have been. This is your year!

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