Give Yourself Some Grace

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Give yourself some grace and recognize that this time in your life isn’t forever. It’s just a season. Stop trying to work things out before their times have come. Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When you do, there will be a beautiful simplicity about your life: a time for everything, and everything in its time.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Hour by hour place your days in God’s Hand!”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Psalm 31:15

Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

Evaluate Your Relationships

Life Coach Minneapolis Minnesota Counselor

Evaluate your relationships. Are there people in your life that love having you as a friend but don’t really show up in yours as a friend? Do you find you are there to love, support & be a friend to some but nothing is ever reciprocated? Remember having a space in someone’s heart & life is a privilege. If you’re doing all the giving and very little receiving, something is out of balance. Actually something is wrong. As I said, evaluate your relationships. If you stay in relationships you are not suppose to be in, you can miss the ones God is bringing. God wants our close relationships to reciprocate the love and support we give. Let Him pick them. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

Tired of Waiting… Just Wait a Minute

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Be aware of kicking doors open because you are tired of waiting. Why? Because only God knows what you are prepared & ready to do. Also, your talent & skills can take you places where your character cannot sustain you! Besides that, God’s timing is always perfect. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. The bible says in Psalm 31:15 Message bible, “Hour by hour, my life is in your hands.” Trust God and His timing. Wait on God to open His doors for you, because there in that place His grace will change, equip and keep you. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

He’s Right There for You

Life Coach Minneapolis Minnesota Counselor

God will always be right there for you. He will never turn His back on you. He will never abandon you. He will always hold the door open for you. When others have walked away from you, He brought you nearer to Himself.

In that place near Him, is the only quiet, secure place in such a noisy world. It’s the perfect place to run to when you need to rest. There you can download to God all your cares, ask questions and just get reignited to go out and let your light shine! Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

I Will Never Desert You

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These words came directly from the mouth of God. He has never lied & never will. You can count on it, regardless of what it feels, looks, or sounds like. God said, “I will never [under any circumstances] desert you [nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless], nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you [assuredly not]!” Hebrews 13:5 amplified. Read it out loud several times. Put it up on your mirrors where you can see it. Say it when you see it. Eventually it will be what you actually believe. There will never be a day or any situation that you face alone. You can count on God to be there & to bring you through. Your part…put His Word into your heart so you will believe! Remember…your best life is still in front of you!

Are You Grateful For Your Friends?

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A thought for the day…Are you grateful for your friends?

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” Proverbs 27:6

Be grateful for the true friends that will always tell you the truth. They will even risk the relationship just to be honest with you. They value YOU more than they do the relationship. Impostures will just always tell you what you want to hear.

In a day when “friendships” come and go as easily as choosing a Facebook status, true friends are hard to find. What a gift to have a friend who will risk telling you the truth to your face instead of talking behind your back. You are doubly blessed if that same friend is there for you when you face difficult and painful things in your life.

Be grateful for you have found a rare treasure. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

Don’t Settle

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A thought for your day…Two girls were sitting at a table in a restaurant. One girl said to the other girl, “all I’m saying is don’t settle.” The other girl smiles because she knows what her friend really means is, I love you and I want the very best for you. And if you were across the table from me right now while I am drinking my cup of Starbucks coffee, I’d say the same to you. Jesus came to give us a good life. John 10:10 in message bible it says. “I came so you could have a real and eternal life, a more and better life than you ever dreamed of.”

So I am saying to you right now, regardless of where you are, how good or tough your life is right now, don’t settle. Don’t settle for anything less than what Jesus told you was possible. Don’t settle for relationships that just take from you. Don’t settle for a life filled with anger. Don’t settle in a life filled with self pity. Don’t settle in the hard place. Don’t settle in depression. Don’t settle in fear. Don’t settle in a career you hate doing. Don’t settle anywhere but in the center of all God has for you. You weren’t created to settle. You were created to overcome obstacles and live a full and satisfied life. “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6. You really were made to live a good life. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

Don’t Give Up On Them

Life Coach Minneapolis Minnesota CounselorA thought for your day…I don’t know anything more powerful than someone that loves you enough to hold onto you. They believe in you when you find it hard to believe in yourself. Someone who sees something in you when you see nothing. Very often it’s just the very thing you needed. It can give you the will to say, “I am gonna try one more time.” So think about the people in your life. Those close to you. Don’t give up on them. Granted you have to love some people from a distance because they are so unhealthy relationally but you can still love them. Your patient love and faithfulness may be exactly what they need to make a complete turnaround. It could be the very thing they need at this very moment. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

My Prayer For You

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A thought for your day…This is a prayer I am sending out. I pray it blesses you & that you share it with others today. People need to see that it’s not over. God wants to do great things in people’s lives today and right now. I pray that the Holy Spirit would flood your soul and rejuvenate you and give you specific direction in every secret place of your life. I pray that God would find His way into the depths of your heart & touch things that you didn’t even know was there. That God would tweak things in your close relationships that would bring you closer together. Relationships in your life that have been off for a long time & you didn’t know quite what to do, suddenly you will see the answer. If there is any brokenness in you that’s keeping you stuck God will touch that too. I pray you get answers to questions that you have had for years and years. That you would be so touched by the power of God that you would never be the same nor ever live quite the same way ever again. Remember…your best life is still in front of you.

At Some Point We Have To Let Go

Life Coach Minneapolis Minnesota Counselor

A thought for your day…I have experienced this personally in my life so I want to share it with you because I care…”At some point we have to let go of how we wanted it to be & accept what is. You can’t control what someone chooses to believe about you. Even though you may have changed, you can’t force them to believe you. You have to be happy with the forgiveness & grace that God has so freely given you & the restoration that He promises.

There will be new relationships & new opportunities to build new connections. God doesn’t want you running after people that don’t want to be in your life. He thinks more of you than that & He wants you to think the same way about yourself. Besides that, if you are distracted with the wrong relationships, you won’t notice the new people He brings your way.

It’s a new day. Gods got a lot of wonderful things ahead for you. Trust Him with your heart & life. Watch what He does! Remember…your best life is still in front of you.