My Story

All my adult life I have been fascinated with people—and what makes them tick—and what helps them succeed. I enjoy helping people sort out their feelings and adjust their thinking to lead happy lives.

I grew up adopted and adored, but because no family is perfect, I knew the pain of anger, rejection and grappling with finding the right words to communicate what’s deep inside. As an adult, I made a lot of mistakes and bad choices along the way that negatively affected my life and others. So I know what it’s like to have regrets and wish you could go back and do things over, but none of us get that opportunity. Rather, we heal and change and because of it, we have a much better life. That’s exactly what happened to me. I grew a lot and learned how to make better choices—but not without help from caring people who knew how to coach me from a place of pain to a place of peace.

I went on to spend more than 25 years in Christian ministry—a calling that led to coaching, to helping people move past their hurts into a better future. From singles to married couples, from young adults to seniors, I value every generation and the internal conflicts they experience—and I have learned how to give practical and healthy guidance.

Throughout my years of coaching, I have learned that…

Men find me straightforward and safe.

Women find me compassionate and empathetic.

But both find me truthful and helpful.

I find young adults inspiring—especially when they are overcoming pain navigating the way forward.

I enjoy all my clients because they are people—and I love people. Contact me today, and let me help you make the most of your life.