Success Stories

Irina M.

I was the kind of person that would often let people  take advantage of me not saying a word.  By letting them do that I would lose my peace and get frustrated. When I started meeting with Margie she introduced me to boundaries in relationships. With her help I realized how important they are and that when you use them it does not mean that you are not nice to people – it`s just a way to stop people from manipulating you. She taught me how to implement them in my everyday life. And that changed the quality of my life.

Joseph F.

Margie has a gift for helping people identify the root of their problems so that they can begin to make immediate changes to improve their lives. She has offered wise counsel, clear direction, and realistic goal setting advice. After meeting with her, you can’t help but feel better about life and your situation!

Nicole R.

The woman is an INCREDIBLE HUMAN. I am SO grateful for this woman’s influence in my life. She has pointed me in the right direction a multitude of time. She is kind caring & loving.. Even if it’s gotta be tough love 😉 She is so down to earth & full of hope. When life got crazy & I didn’t know how to move forward, she was a voice of truth in my life. She is full of wisdom & grace. Margie has helped me in so many ways.

Carla I

Margie’s coaching has helped my family deal with conflict in a healthy way. She has the ability to process & be objective.  She helped us identify our qualities & giftings & achieve change in the areas we were  struggling in through practical ways.  She will help you to be the best you can be!

Kara D.

I have benefited from Margie’s counsel several times. I’ve never met anyone who cares about people as much as she does and she truly enjoys seeing people flourish.  She helped me dig deep in some insecurities I had and was there for me all along the way. I highly recommend Margie for a life coach. You will not be disappointed!

Brenda M.

Margie helped save my life and helped teach me how to actually live a life that has meaning to it.  I was a mess;  I had deep depression and didn’t want to live.  Taking care of three kids,  being a wife and managing a restaurant as the general manager was becoming extremely difficult for me.  The doctors said my prognosis was slim. She showed me so many things but most importantly she taught me how to have a relationship with God. God has restored so much in my life and for the first time ever I feel peace,  real peace. Margie helped me work through some really challenging conflicts in my relationships at work and personal life. She has taught me how to have real and meaningful relationships.  I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without her guidance and support.  If you or anyone you know needs direction in how to live a life with meaning,  peace and love I encourage you to check out what she has to offer. I will forever be grateful.